Sea Girt Recreation Department offers a vast array of year-round activities, events, and sports for both the young and the young at heart. The main objective is to provide a wide array of safe, high quality recreational programs are open to all residents of the Borough, affordable for all. Our programs are intended to ensure all of our citizens have an opportunity to participate in an event if they are interested in doing so. Our goal is to promote good health and sportsmanship in addition to enhancing the development of cultural, artistic, and life skills of those participating

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We offer many worthwhile recreational programs that allow residents the opportunity to socialize with friends and neighbors within our community. Our youth athletics, events, and activities include soccer and basketball clinics, basketball,  volleyball, paddle tennis and yoga lessons, surf camp, concerts, regularly scheduled fun nights, Halloween events.

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Sea Girt also partners with neighboring Spring Lake Borough to participate in Little League T-ball, baseball, and softball in addition to our annual soccer program.

2020 Summer Recreation Counselor Application 

Camp Dates June 29th through July 31st

To be considered for a position as a Sea Girt Recreation Camp Counselor, please complete the following application form:

Counselor applications are due by April 1st.  Interviews and hiring decisions will be made between April 15th and April 26th.  Applicants must be able to work the full five weeks of camp.  Appointments, vacations, and other events should be scheduled before or after recreation camp.


Tennis Courts Permits and Reservation System

Sea Girt has 5 quality tennis courts for enjoyment by residents; 3 are located in Crescent Park on Carriage Way and 2 are located on Bell Place directly across from Sea Girt Elementary School.  Permits may be purchased by residents to allow access to the courts and to reserve court time.

To Register for a Tennis Court Permit: Online registration only:

  • Permits are available as follows from March 1 – February 28
  • Annual Family Membership Permit: For parents and minor children residing in   the  same household: $115.00, Individual Membership Permit: $65.00

Paddle Tennis Court Permit and Reservation System

Sea Girt has a quality Platform (Paddle) Tennis Court located adjacent to the Crescent Park tennis courts. Permits may be purchased by residents to allow access to the court and to reserve court time.

Valid permit holders may reserve a court time for play at

Reservations will no longer be taken by calling the Police station

Reservations for playing time may be made by residents with a valid paddle permit up to 24 hours in advance by accessing the above online reservation system.

All permit holders should register at the above site and will be emailed a username and temporary password.

Those with a valid reservation will have priority for court usage and may ask others without a reservation to vacate the court by showing their online reservation confirmation.  You will have the option to receive an email confirmation of your reservation sent to you as proof of your reservation.

  • Time limit of 2 hours for reservations and play if others are waiting to use court.
  • The reservation system also has a wait list feature which will notify you if a desired time has opened.
  • As a courtesy to all permit holders, all reservations that will go unused must be cancelled via the reservation system prior to the planned start time.
  • The person who made the reservation is responsible for the return of the key and any lost key charge if applicable.
  • Reserved time will take precedent over non-reserved time and a group may be bumped from the court with notification of a valid reservation.

Access to the Court:

  • Residents with a valid paddle permit may access the key for the court from the lockbox located next to the court entrance;
  • The combination to the lockbox will be given out to these who have purchased a permit.  Notification of any change to the combination will be sent via email to the permit holder;
  • The key should not be removed from the court for any reason;
  • Play may not begin prior to 7 AM and not after 10 PM;
  • Do not give the combination to the lockbox to anyone.  Sharing of the combination, copying of the key or unauthorized access to the court (ie. sliding under the fence) is prohibited and will result in revocation of paddle court access.


  • Lights are available for nighttime play.  They are turned on via a timer located to the right of the stairs to the court.  Please turn off the lights when play is finished;
  • Heaters located under the court are available for the purpose of melting ice or very light snow.  The heaters can be turned on using the two switches located next to the light switch.  You must also hit the green button located next to each heater located under the east side and west side of the court.  Please turn heaters off when play is finished;
  • Please do not attempt to scrape or shovel the court with any metal devices as this will scrape off the textured surface of the court.  A broom or plastic shovel should only be used.

For assistance with any of the above please contact Mark Leddy at 973-214-1680 or Kevin Reid at 917-544-8204 or email [email protected]


The Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 4th at The Plaza in front of the library: EASTER EGG HUNT 2020


Come reach new levels of tennis skills starting April 23rd with our instructor Kevin Carey: Spring adult tennis 2020

Paddle Court Access and Reservation Procedure, effective immediately

Please see our Recreation page for detailed information You may access the instruction sheet for paddle tennis or the reservation system by clicking the following links: Paddle Tennis Court Access Instructions Paddle Tennis Reservations System