Office of Emergency Management

The Borough of Sea Girt’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) identifies natural or man-made hazards and vulnerabilities and programs to eliminate or reduce the effects of such threats. It coordinates the resources of local, state, and federal agencies in response to any disaster or emergency event in an effort to lessen the effects on the residents of the Borough and to speed the recovery process.  Our OEM Coordinator is Tim Harmon and he can be contacted at 732-245-2860 or [email protected].


Emergency Preparedness


In the event of a large-scale emergency or disaster, the Office of Emergency Management is responsible, by Federal and State law, for the coordination of all the emergency services in the Borough of Sea Girt. This includes police, fire, ambulance, public works, and all additional agencies contributing to any large-scale emergency incident or disaster.

Swift 911 – Emergency Notification Service

The Swiftreach 911 Emergency Notification System allows the Police Department, Fire Department, Public Works Department or the Office of Emergency Management to notify residents and business owners of emergency situations which may affect their property.

To register or to learn more about the SwiftReach System, just click on the Swift 911 button below.

Swift 911 Emergency Notification Service

Emergency Planning at Home – Family Preparedness

Disasters usually occur suddenly and without warning and can be devastating to families who are not prepared. We suggest that you have a family emergency plan should unexpected severe weather or loss of essential services come about. To assist you with your preparation, we have listed several suggestions below.

  • Your family emergency plan should include basic safety measures, emergency phone numbers and plans to stay with friends or relatives should an evacuation be ordered.
  • Have a single designated family contact should evacuation and family separation take place.
  • Have a plan with an alternative location to live in the event of a disaster, such as prolonged power outage or an uninhabitable home.
  • Remember to bring prescription medications and eyeglasses if evacuated.
  • Household members should know how to turn off water, electric, and gas to their home.
  • A three day supply of food and water should be kept.
    • Three gallons of water per person, per day is recommended.
    • Store food such as canned food which require little or no water, and have longer expiration dates.
  • Keep on hand a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, flashlight, fresh batteries, matches, and work gloves.
  • Learn basic safety measures such as CPR and first aid.
  • Have a plan for your pets. For additional information on pet safety please refer to the official FEMA website here.
  • Stay tuned to NOAA weather radio for the latest severe weather information.
  • Family members should dial 911 only in emergencies so ensure everyone in your family knows what is considered an “emergency”. For example: a loss of power from an outage is not an emergency; however, a downed power line would be considered an emergency. Everyone should know the non-emergency contact number for Sea Girt: (732) 449-7300.  Non-emergency police matters 732-449-9335 x 15.

For more information on disaster planning, please refer to the official FEMA website and click on the “Prepare for Disaster and Assemble Supplies” tab.


What’s my base flood elevation? FEMA Tool Now Available Again.

On behalf of the Region II office of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), we wanted to share that the “What’s My BFE?” tool is back up and running. What’s My Base Flood Elevation (BFE)? is a great resource to compare the effective and revised FEMA flood hazard data available for properties iin Sea Girt. Access the website, by clicking … Continue Reading