To maintain high quality and reliable service to our customers, the Sea Girt Water Department flushes the borough’s hydrants twice annually. The flushing serves to remove harmless mineral deposits and sediment that may have built up inside the water pipes. At no time will the water quality be compromised; the water will remain safe for use. Discoloration may occur but the quality of the water is not affected and will meet all primary (health related) standards. The discoloration consists primarily of harmless silt and air that only affects the appearance of the water and not the water quality. Residents are advised to check their water for signs of discoloration before doing laundry. If laundry appears stained keep articles wet and rewash using an iron-removing compound. DO NOT use bleach, as this will set the stain. If you notice discoloration in the water, let the COLD WATER run until it runs clear before doing laundry. It is important to remember that your water is completely safe to drink at all times during the hydrant flushing program. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.